Microsoft E3 2010 news conference highlights

Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer

The first game play footage of Rising was shown and it was remarkably different than any other Metal Gear game to date. Don’t expect a stealth game here; it looks to be an action game through and through.

Opinion: Tomonobu Itagaki, eat your heart, because producer, not director, Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid Rising: Watermelon Cutting Action starring Raiden has come for watermelon juice, I mean, blood.

Gears of War 3 four-player co-op

Step aside Halo. There is a new four-player co-op juggernaut for the Xbox 360. Cliff Bleszinski’s brainchild game series, Gears of War, received an overhaul to its co-op, doubling from two-player to four-players. The new foes called the Lambents looks like creatures straight out o the film Tremors.

Opinion: For the past couple of years I tend to enjoy games more playing co-op with one of my friends on Xbox Live.

360 Exclusive Crytek game: Codename Kingdoms

From the creators of the Crysis and FarCry franchises, Crytek, comes an exclusive console game for the Xbox 360. All that was shown at the conference was a live-action teaser trailer of what looked to be warrior-like characters walking through a desolate battlefield.

Opinion: Codename Kingdoms felt like watching a commercial for Deadliest Warrior on SpikeTV. If this game is anything like the TV show pitting gladiators vs. apaches or pirates vs. knights, then cue my internal excitement.

Fable III has a ship date

Fable III will be landing on store shelves October 26th approximately two years from the date when Fable II was released.

Opinion: Oh, Peter Molyneux, for the one of the rare times, he didn’t come on stage and blow my mind setting off thinking grenades in my head with his grandiose ideas to revolutionize gaming. He kept his appearance on stage to announcing the release date and showing a new trailer.