Lionel Messi ads boosts WeChat to 100 million users outside of China

Lionel Messi WeChatMessaging app WeChat moved from 70 millions users outside of China to 100 million, according to Tech in Asia.

China’s largest web company Tencent, the makers of WeChat, tapped football star Lionel Messi in July as its new global ambassador and TV ad star. Billboards and TV spots featuring Messi appeared in numerous countries, which seem to have accelerated WeChat’s registered user base outside of China. WeChat went from 50 million users to 70 million in six weeks and from 50 million to 100 million in three months.

WeChat’s last reported total registered user base was 400 million. Tencent revealed yesterday in its Q2 2013 earnings report that 236 million of its 400 million registered users are monthly active users.


Itagaki to be playable in upcoming Saints Row

Courtesy of Joystiq

As if Saints Row: The Third wasn’t crazy enough, it just got crazier. Well-known Japanese video game designer Tomonobu Itagaki will be featured as a playable character in THQ’s open-world adventure game.

GameSpot reported the feature during a demo at the Tokyo Game Show. Using the title’s customization options, the developers were able to create an in-game version of Itagaki. Read more of this post

Microsoft’s Kinect priced by online retailers at $150

If you haven’t heard yet then here it is:, GameStop, Best Buy along with other retailers have priced the new accessory for the 360 at 150 stones along with the first round of Kinect games, which GameStop has priced at the usual $60.