Microsoft E3 2010 news conference: Metal Gear Rising,

Announcement Metal Gear Rising: Konami debuted a new trailer for Hideo Kojima’s next game with nano-machine shenanigans. The trailer and gameplay footage showed our hero, the previous whinny emo-kid-turned-ninja, Raiden slicing up foes with a katana. The sword play is what really caught a lot of people’s eyes because it’s different than the button mashing that’s been seen in games like Ninja Gaiden. in MGS: Rising players can enter a bullet time effect and precisely chop up Raiden’s foes. On top of the ninja-style bloodshed, Raiden can attack the environment, such as slicing through pillars crushing the inept guards that are standing underneath it.

Opinion: Admittedly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Metal Gear Solid 4 — for reasons including the overly complicated story, lack of stealth gameplay compared to the other three games — but this game has me excited in a kid-chopping-up-cantaloupes-in-the-backyard-without-his-mom-knowing way. I just hope Kojima keeps the 45-minute cut scenes to a minimum.


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