EA E3 news cpnference: Medal of Honor, Bulletstorm and Star Wars: The Old Republic

Medal of Honor: A beta of the multiplayer of the game will be releasing on June 21 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Two maps will be featured in the beta, Kabul City Ruins and the Helmad Valley. The game is set for an October 12 launch.

Opinion: The game seems to have taken some serious notes out of Call of Duty and EA’s own Battlefield Bad Company 2. Complete with, what looks like, a progressive character system and the infamous red jelly being splashed on the player’s face when the character sticks his head out from cover too soon. The new Medal of Honor looks interesting and the series has been long overdue for a reboot. Come back to Nerdonomics when the beta drops on the 21 to see our opinion of it.

Bulletstorm: Cliff Bleszinski announced that the game will be out on February 22 of 2011.

Opinion: I was cautious about the this game when I read the GameInformer article a few months back. It seemed like it was going to be an uninspired clone of Gears of War in a first-person perspective. I’m pleasantly surprised. The electric blue whip of the main character looks like a cool gameplay mechanic as it flings enemies into the air so you can shoot them in slow motion for added points and effects. It sucks that we’ll have to wait until next year for it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Bioware had two announcements about the game. The first being that all players will get a ship in the game to use as a base of operation in the Star Wars Universe. The second was preliminary details about the player-versus-player gameplay. The first battlefield will take place on Alderaan where the two factions can throw down for rewards and honor. Bioware and Lucas Arts closed out with another amazing cinematic trailer for the game, which took place in an Alderaan forest.

Opinion: I really want to know more about this. Following last year’s major unveiling of the game and the updates about the different classes and planets that have followed. This update feels somewhat empty. More information on the companion characters and a possible release date would have been nice. The trailer was amazing though.


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